A.K.Collection: Coin ID H06 from Lot no. 856


Divus Claudius II Gothicus, died AD 270. Antoninianus (BI; 17-20mm; 1.64g; 6h) Mediolanum (Milan), 1st issue, 3rd officina, ca end 270-early 271. DIVO CLAVDIO GO[THICO] Radiate head of Claudius Gothicus to right. Rev. CONSEC[RAT]IO Altar, with flame above, divided in four squares with a dot inside of each square; below, T.
Bastien 2796-2797; C. 53; Cunetio 2317; MIR 47 pl. 4: 2k3; Normanby 1141; RIC V, I p. 234, 264; RIC online (temp.) 1272 (87 known).
From the Schutzbach collection 1970.


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