A.K.Collection: Coin ID D06 from Lot no. 811


Postumus AD 260-269 Radiate bronze (AE; 22mm; 5.38g; 7h) Atelier II, 2e periode, Graveur 16B. IMP C M CASS LAT POSTVMV[S P F AVG] Radiate, draped and cuirassed of Postumus to right. Rev. FE[LICITA]S AVG / S – C Felicitas standing left, holding long caduceus in right hand and cornucopiae in left. Rare.
Bastien p. 210, 337d; C. 40; mt 6, 2009 p. 122 and 123 pl. 18 (this coin illustrated); RIC V, II p. 353, 193 (Dupondius).
From the stock of Motzelt, Vienna 1995.


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