A.K.Collection: Coin ID E02 from Lot no. 833


Gallienus AD 253-268. Antoninianus (21-22mm; 3.08g; 6h) Rome, 2nd officina, 10th issue, 267-268. GALL-IENVS AVG Radiate head to right. Rev. LIBERO P CONS AVG Panther walking to left; in exergue, B.

Bigger head of Gallienus than following coin and panther's head above.

C. 586; Cunetio 1341 (198 known); Holmes collection 269c; MIR 36, 713b (123 known); RIC V, I (sole reign) p. 151, 230; Wolkow 19a2 (C+).

Ex FPL Kricheldorf 52, Mar/April 1961, 198.


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