A.K.Collection: Coin ID G09 from Lot no. 810


Maximus Caesar AD 235/6-238. Sestertius (AE; 28-29mm; 20.73g; 1h) late 235 / early 236. C IVL VERVS MAXIMVS CAES Bare-headed and draped bust of Maximus to right. Rev. PRINCIPI IVV[ENTVT]IS / S - C Maximus in military dress, standing front, head left, holding baton pointing downwards in right hand and transverse spear in left; to right, two standards.

BMCRE VI p. 232, 123; C. 12; RIC IV, II p. 156, 9.

Ex stock H.P.R. Frey Freiburg 1967.


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