A.K.Collection: Coin ID C070 from Lot no. 612


Septimius Severus AD 193-211. Denarius (AR; 17-18mm; 3.27g; 12h) 200-201. SEVERVS AVG - PART MAX Laureate and bearded head of Septimius Severus to right. Rev. RESTITVTOR – VRBIS Septimius, laureate, in military dress, with cloak hanging over left shoulder, standing front, head left, sacrificing out of patera in right hand over lighted tripod, left, and holding spear, nearly vertical, reversed, in left.

BMCRE V p. 194, 203 pl. 32.2; C. 599; RIC IV, 1 p. 113, 167.

Ex stock B. Peus Frankfurt 1960.


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