A.K.Collection: Coin ID L44 from Lot no. 1150


Alexandria Trebonianus Gallus AD 251-253 Tetradrachm (AE; 23-24mm; 10.97g; 12h) 252/253. A K Γ ΟVIB TPEB ΓΑΛΛΟC EVCEB Laureate and cuirassed bust of Trebonianus Gallus to right, seen from front. Rev. Nike advancing to right, holding wreath in right hand and palm branch over shoulder; in field, L – Γ (= year 3).

Alexandria p. 43 and p. 130 pl. 10; BMC p. -; Dattari 5116; Geissen p. 292, 2837.

From the stock of Münzen und Medaillen AG Basel 1970.


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