A.K.Collection: Coin ID K42 from Lot no. 813


Alexandria Maximinus I AD 235-238. Tetradrachm (AE; 22-24mm; 11.27g; 11h) 235-236. AYTO MAΞIMINOC EVC CEB Laureate, cuirassed and draped bust of Maximinus to right. Rev. Eirene standing left, wearing chiton and peplos over left shoulder and arm and lower limbs, holds flower and transversely sceptre; left in field, L B (= year 2).

Alexandria p. 36 and p. 124 pl. 8; BMC - cf. p. 229, 1783 L A = year 1); Dattari 4571; Geissen 2553var (EVCEB).

Ex stock F. Sternberg Zurich 1988.


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