A.K.Collection: Coin ID B04 from Lot no. 611


Commodus AD 177-192. Sestertius (AE; 30-33mm; 21.92g; 5h) 181. M COMMODVS ANTONINVS [AVG] Laureate head of Commodus to right. Rev. [TR P VI IMP IIII COS] III P P / S – C / [LIB] AVG IIII Commodus, togate, seated left on curule chair set on platform, extending right hand: behing him, officer, in military dress, standing right: in front, Liberalitas, draped, standing left, holding abacus in right hand (?) and cornucopiae in left: below, citizen, togate, standing r., mounting steps, holding up in both hands fold of toga. Rare.

BMCRE IV p. 772, 453 and pl. 103.1; C. 310; RIC III p. 404, 310a.


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