A.K.Collection: Coin ID K37 from Lot no. 813


Alexandria Julia Mamaea AD 222-235.Tetradrachm 232-233. (AE; 22mm; 12.62g; 12h) IOY MAMAIA CEB - MHTE CEB K CTP Draped bust of Julia Mamaea with stephane to right. Rev. Nike seated left on cuirass, clad in chiton and peplos over knees, holding wreath and palm; in front, palm and L I-B (= year 12). Very rare.

Alexandria p. 35 and p. 122 pl. 24 (this coin illustrated); BMC p. 223, 1741; Dattari 4503var (legend); Geissen 2536var (CEB).

Ex Da Hari coll., stock Münzen und Medaillen AG Basel 1970.


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