A.K.Collection: Coin ID A35 from Lot no. 610


Commodus AD 177-192. Denarius (AR; 17-18mm; 3.44g; 12h) Alexandria, 192. M COMM [ANTO]-N AVG PIVS BRI[T] Laureate bust of Commodus to right. Rev. LIR AVG P M TR P - [XVII] COS VII P P Libertas, draped, standing front, head left, holding pileus in right hand and vertical rod in left; star in field left. Very rare.

Alexandria p. 29, and p. 117 pl. 26 (this coin); R.A. Bickford-Smith, The Imperial mints in the East for Septimius Severus, in: Italiana di Numismatica Vol. XCVI, 1994-5, p. 54 note 7; BMCRE IV p. 747, 308; cf. C. 288; cf. RIC III p. 393, 241.

Ex stock Münzen und Medaillen AG Basel 1967.


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