A.K.Collection: Coin ID K34 from Lot no. 619


LYDIA Tralles Marcus Aurelius as Caesar AD 139-161. Bronze (AE; 22-23mm; 9.51g; 1h) M AYPHΛIOC – OYHPOC KAIC Draped bust of Marcus Aurelius, bare-headed, to right, seen from back. Rev. ΓΡΑ ΑΛΥΟC – ΤΡΑΛΛΙΑΝΩΝ Zeus Larasios standing front, head left, holding sceptre in his right hand.

BMC -; Lindgren III -; Lindgren-Kovacs -; SNG Cop. 694 (Aphrodite ?); SNG Hunter. -; SNG Leypold -; SNG v.Aulock -.

Ex stock L. von Ohlendorff Munich 1974.


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