A.K.Collection: Coin ID L033 from Lot no. 620


THRACE Augusta Traiana Septimius Severus AD 193-211. Bronze (AE; 27-28mm; 11.99g; 6h) AVT Λ CEΠTI -CEVHPOC ΠEP Laureate head of Septimius Severus to right. Rev. [HΓ CIK]INNIOV KΛAPOV AVΓOVCTH / TPAIANHC City-gate, two circular towers, and with a third tower rising from the centre.

BMC – cf. Rev. p. 178, 11 (Caracalla); Lindgren -; Lindgren III -; Schönert-Geiss 125; SNG Cop. -; SNG Hunter.-.


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