A.K.Collection: Coin ID E32 from Lot no. 614


Julia Domna, Augusta AD 193-217. Denarius (AR; 18-20mm; 3.15g; 12h) 196-211. IVLIA - AVGVSTA Bare and draped bust of Julia Domna to right; hair waved vertically and fastened in large bun on back. Rev. VENVS VICTRIX Venus, naked to waist, standing front, head left, holding helmet extended on right hand and palm, sloping slightly upwards to right, in left, left elbow bent and resting on column over which falls a fold of drapery; at her feet, left, round shield.

BMCRE V p. 168, 90 and pl. 29.2; C. 215; RIC IV, 1 p. 171, 581.

Ex stock Münzen und Medaillen Basel 1963.


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