A.K.Collection: Coin ID O27 from Lot no. 622


Alexandria Caracalla AD 198-217. Drachm (AE; 33-34mm; 25.28g; 12h) (year 22) 213/214. AY[T K M A]YP CE A[NT]WNINOC [Π MEΓ BPE M] EY CEB /ΓEP Laureate and draped bust of Caracalla to right. Rev. Zeus seated on throne to left, holding Victory with wreath in his right hand, in left, sceptre; in field, date L/K-B (= year 22). Èxtremely rare.

Alexandria p. 118 pl.13 (this coin); BMC -; Dattari -; Dattari-Savio - cf. 9777 and 9779; Geissen – cf. 2292 year 21 'unediert'.

Ex Naegeli coll., F. Sternberg Zurich 1973.


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