A.K.Collection: Coin ID K22 from Lot no. 813


Alexandria Severus Alexander AD 222-235. Tetradrachm (AE; 22-24mm; 14.40g; 12h) 225-226. A KAI MA AVR CE[V AΛEΞANΔP]OC EV Laureate, cuirassed and draped bust of Seveus Alexander to right. Rev. Nilus recumbent left, crowned with lotus, left arm rests on head of hippopotamus right, holds reed and cornucopiae from which emerges little genius left, holding wreath to Nilus; left in field, L E (= year 5).

Alexandria -; BMC p. 214, 1673; Dattari 4334; Dattari-Savio 9931 (this coin); Geissen 2430.

Ex Dattari coll.


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