A.K.Collection: Coin ID N22 from Lot no. 621


Alexandria Faustina Junior, Augusta 147-175/6 AD. Tetradrachm (Bi; 23-24mm; 10.63g; 12h) (year 14) 150/151. CEBACTH - ΦΑΥCTIN[A] Draped bust of Faustina II to right. Rev. L - IΔ (= year 14) Alexandria with elephant's head standing to left, holding two corn-ears upright in right hand and vexillum in left.

Alexandria p. 24 and p. 112, pl. 11 (this coin); BMC -; Dattari 3231; Geissen 2 p. 416, 1952.

Ex stock Münzen und Medaillen Basel 1975.


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