A.K.Collection: Coin ID K22 from Lot no. 619


MYSIA Miletopolis Hadrian AD 117-138. Bronze (AE; 17-18mm; 4.01g; 6h) AYT K TPIANO (sic) -AΔPIAN[OC] Laureate bust of Hadrian to right, left shoulder draped. Rev. MEIΛHTO Π-OΛEITΩΝ / K-O Athena standing front, head left, holding patera in right hand, with left holding spear and touching shield; at feet left, owl. Very rare.

BMC -; cf. Imhoof-Blumer KM p. 29, 2 revers; Mionnet Suppl. V, 623var (without KO); Lingren III -; Lindgren-Kovacs -; RPC 1646; SNG Cop. -; SNG France -; SNG Hunter. -; SNG Leypold -; SNG v.Aulock -.


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