A.K.Collection: Coin ID N20 from Lot no. 621


Alexandria Faustina Junior, Augusta 147-175/6 AD. Tetradrachm (Bi; 23-24mm; 12.18g; 12h) (year 13) 149/150. ΦΑΥC[TINA] - [C]EBACTH Draped bust of Faustina II to right. Rev. L ΔωΔΕ-ΚΑΤΟV Eusebeia, seated to left, veiled, clad in chiton and peplos, holding patea over altar and sceptre.

Alexandria p. 23 and p. 112, pl. 4 (this coin); BMC p. 161, 1321var (legends); Dattari 3247var (legends); Geissen 2 p. 414, 1945var (legends).

Ex Steger coll., Münzhandlung Basel 6, Mar 1936, 898b; ex Voirol coll., stock F. Sternberg Zurich 1979.


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