A.K.Collection: Coin ID K19 from Lot no. 1149


PHRYGIA Dorylaion Philip I AD 244-249. Bronze (AE; 23-24mm; 6.58g; 6h) Μ ΙΟVΛΙΟC ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟC ΑVΓ Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Philip to right. Rev. ΔΟΡV-ΛΑΕΩΝ Nemesis standing front, head to left, plucking with right hand chiton from her breast, and holding in lowered left cubit-rule; at feet, wheel. Very rare.

BMC -; Lindgren III -; Mionnet -; Phrygien II p. 75, 305; SNG Cop. - cf. Revers on 362 (Gordian III); SNG Hunter. -; SNG Mü. -; SNG Tü. -; SNG v.Aulock -.

From the stock of F. Sternberg Zurich 1968.


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