A.K.Collection: Coin ID H19 from Lot no. 1147


MOESIA INFERIOR Nicopolis Gordian III AD 238-244. Bronze (AE; 27-29mm; 12.68g; 1h) (Sab. Modestus, legatus) AVT K M ANTΩNIOC ΓΟΡΔΙAΝΟC Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gordian to right. Rev. VΠ CAB MOΔECTOV (ligate) N-IKOΠΟΛEΙΤΩΝ (ligate) ΠPO (ligate) /I/C/T/PON Tyche, wearing modius, standing slightly to left, holding rudder in right hand and cornucopiae in left. Very rare with radiate bust.

AMNG – cf. Av. p. 512, 2075, 2086, 2101; cf. Rev.: p. 513, 2082f.var (legends); BMC – cf. p. 52, 75; Mionnet suppl. 2 p. 181, 718var (laureate); SNG Cop. ; SNG Hunter. -; SNG Mü. -; SNG Tü.-.

Ex Lanz 82, Munich 24 Nov 1997, 592.


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