A.K.Collection: Coin ID I17 from Lot no. 618


Caracalla as Caesar AD 196-198. Sestertius (AE; 27-28mm; 17.16g; 12h) 196-197. M AVR ANTON - CAE[S PONTIF] Draped and cuirassed (?) bust of Caracalla to right, bare head. Rev. [PRINCIPI -IVVENTV]TIS / S – C Caracalla, in military dress, cloak over left arm, standing front, head left, holding baton pointing downwards in right hand and vertical sceptre in left; on right, trophy. Rare.

BMC V p. 152, 618; C. 506; RIC IV, 1 p. 276, 398a.

Ex stock Münzen und Medaillen Basel 1969.


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