A.K.Collection: Coin ID K16 from Lot no. 619


PONTUS Amisus Hadrian AD 117-138. Drachm (AR; 17-18mm; 2.78g; 6h) 131-132. AYT KAI TPA AΔPIANOC CEB Π Π YΠ Γ Laureate and draped bust of Hadrian to right, seen from back. Rev. AMICOY EΛEYΘEPAC ETOYC PΞ Γ (year 163) Athena standing front, holding Nike in extended right hand and left resting on shield.

BMC p. 22, 86 and pl. 4.8; Lingren III -; Lindgren-Kovacs -; Rec.Gen. p. 81, 80 and pl. 8.27; RPC 1249; SNG Cop. 178; SNG Hunter. -; SNG Leypold -; SNG v.Aulock 78.

Ex Voirol coll., Münzen und Medaillen list 8, August 1942, 21.


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