A.K.Collection: Coin ID K14 from Lot no. 813


Alexandria Severus Alexander AD 222-235. Tetradrachm (AE; 23-25mm; 13.59g; 12h) March – August 222. A KAI MAP AVR CEV AΛEΞANΔPOC CEV Laureate, cuirassed and draped bust of Seveus Alexander to right. Rev. Nilus seated left on rocks, looking back, holds reed in raised right and cornucopiae in left, from which emerges little genius left, holding wreath to Nilus; in field left, L A (= year 1).

Alexandria p. 33 and p. 120 pl. 1 (this coin illustrated); BMC p. 213, 1670; Dattari 4333; Geissen -.

Ex Stoecklin coll. Basel and stock F. Sternberg Zurich.


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