A.K.Collection: Coin ID D14 from Lot no. 807


Julia Maesa, Augusta AD 218-224/5. Denarius (AR; 20mm; 2.84g; 11h) 219-222. IVLIA MAESA AVG Bust of Julia Maesa, draped, head bare, right; hair in vertical waves and fastened in queue and bun at back. Rev. PIETAS AVG Pietas, veiled, draped, standing front, head left, extending right hand to drop grains of incense on garlanded and lighted altar left, and holding box, with lid open, in left hand.

BMCRE V p. 541, 73 and pl. 86.8; C. 29; RIC IV, II p. 50, 263.

Ex stock W. Wruck Berlin 1960.


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