A.K.Collection: Coin ID O14 from Lot no. 622


Alexandria Commodus AD 177-192. Tetradrachm (Bi; 24mm; 14.01g; 11h) (year 29) 188/189. [M A KOM AN]TW – CEB EVCEB Laureate head of Commodus to right. Rev. LKΘ (= year 29) Pharos represented as a square tower seen from an angle, surmountd by perforated lantern upon which, statue on base; on either side of lantern, Triton blowing buccinum, to right of Pharos, ship right, sailing over waves; in exergue, date LKΘ (year 29). Rare.

Alexandria p. 28 and 116 pl. 20 (this coin); BMC p. 179, 1439 and pl. 29; Dattari 3903; Geissen 2242.


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