A.K.Collection: Coin ID K14 from Lot no. 619


MACEDONIA Autonomous Bronze (AE; 25-26mm; 13.38g; 7h) 3rd cent AD. AΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟ Male head with diadem and long hair to right. Rev. [KOI]NON – MAKE-ΔΟ-ΝΩΝ Macedonia, wearing kalathos, seated to left, in left arm spear, which rests on shield, receiving with right hand Kabir - hammer over shoulder and rhyton in right hand, standing front, head turned back to left – from Nike, standing to right and holding palm over left shoulder; in exergue, [OM]ONOI[/A] Very rare.

AMNG p. 95, 326 and pl. 4.28; BMC -; Lindgren -; Lindgren III -; SNG Cop. -; SNG Hunter -.


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