A.K.Collection: Coin ID F14 from Lot no. 1145


Trebonianus Gallus AD 251-253. Sestertius (AE; 25-27mm; 15.91g; 12h) 251-253. [IMP CAES C VIBIVS TRE]BONI[ANVS GALLVS AVG] Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Trebonianus Gallus to right. Rev. ROMAE AETERNAE / S C Roma seated left, holding Victory in right hand and spear in left; at her side, shield.

C. 106; RIC IV, III p. 172, 120 and footnote: 'is this correctly reported? The type is uncommon for the reign'.

From the Rosche coll. 1994.


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