A.K.Collection: Coin ID L13 from Lot no. 1150


Alexandria Tranquillina, Augusta 241-244 AD. Tetradrachm (AE; 22-23mm; 11.76g; 12h) 243/244. CAB TPANKVΛΛEINA CEB Draped bust of Tranquillina, wearing stephane, to right. Rev. Homonoia standing left, right arm outstretched, in left hand double cornucopiae; in left field, L Z (= year 7).

Alexandria p. 38 and p. 125 pl. 27 (this coin illustrated); BMC p. 249, 1927; Dattari 4824; Geissen -.

From the Aiello coll., ex A.G. Malloy XIV, MBS 2 Jul 1979, 517.


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