A.K.Collection: Coin ID A11 from Lot no. 610


Commodus AD 177-192. Denarius (AR; 18-20mm; 3.34g; 5h) 184. M COMMODVS AN-TON AVG PIVS Laureate head of Commodus to right. Rev. VOT SVSC DEC P M TR P VIIII IMP – VII in exergue, COS IIII P P Commodus, veiled, togate, standing front, head left, sacrificing out of patera in right hand over tripod-altar left, left hand, holding roll, at side.

BMCRE IV p. 715, 150 and pl. 94.20; C. 1004; RIC III p. 376, 99a.

Ex Niggeler coll., stock Münzen und Medaillen Basel 1968.


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