A.K.Collection: Coin ID H11 from Lot no. 1147


MOESIA INFERIOR Dionysopolis Gordian III AD 238-244. Bronze (AE; 28-29mm; 12.34g; 12h) [ ] ANT[ ] Busts, facing each other, of, on the left, Gordian, laureate, draped and cuirassed to right, and of, on the right, Serapis wearing modius to left; in exergue: AVT K. Rev. ΔIO[NV]COΠOΛEITΩN / E (= mark of value) Emperor on horse, riding to right. Extremely rare.

AMNG -; BMC -; Mionnet -; SNG Cop. -; SNG Hunter. -; SNG Mü. -; SNG Tü. -.

From the stock of Bankhaus Leu Zurich 1987.


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