A.K.Collection: Coin ID P10 from Lot no. 623


Septimius Severus AD 193-211. Irregular denarius (AR; 16mm; 1.96g; 7h) IMP CAE L SEP C(sic)EV - PERT AVC COS - II Laureate and bearded head of Septimius Severus to right. Rev. M-ONET – AVG Moneta, draped, standing front, head left, holding scales in right hand and cornucopiae in left.

cf. BMCRE V p. 97, 384; cf. C. 330; cf. RIC IV, 1 p. 146, 411a.

Dieter Rauch 22, Wien 2006, 35 (?); Irregular mt 6, p. 136f and p. 137 pl.25 (this coin).


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