A.K.Collection: Coin ID I01 from Lot no. 812


MOESIA INFERIOR Dionysopolis Severus Alexander AD 222-235. Bronze (AE; 24-26mm; 7.6g; 1h) AVT K M AVP CEVH – AΛEZANΔPOC Laureate, cuirassed and draped bust of Severus Alexander to right. Rev. ΔIONVCOΠ-O-ΛEITΩN Sarapis standing front, head left, draped and wearing modius, holding in right patera over flaming altar, in left, cornucopiae; in field right, Δ.

AMNG p. 134, 381; BMC p. 24, 1; Lindgren -; Lindgren III -; SNG Hunter. -;

SNG Cop. 188; SNG Mü. 231.


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